The rink operates when temperatures allow, usually December thru March.

For the most current information on ice hours and conditions, follow @SCLRinkRat on Twitter


Rink Rules

  1. The rink will close if the temperature is above +4c or below -25c (including Wind Chill).

  2. Use the rink at your own risk.

  3. Strathearn Community League and its agents assume no responsibility for your own actions or the actions of other individuals.

  4. Helmets are recommended for all skaters. Helmets are mandatory for skaters under 18 years of age.

  5. Skating in a manner that interferes with other skaters’ safety or enjoyment, or endangers other skaters, is strictly forbidden

  6. Use of sticks and / or pucks is allowed only during designated times.

  7. No unacceptable conduct (including but not limited to fighting, checking, pushing, foul language, smoking, vaping, spitting, or high sticking.)

  8. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

  9. The rink attendant’s word is final.

  10. Strathearn Community League reserves the right to suspend or revoke rink access from any person who does not obey these rules, or for any other just cause.